Open to Anyone!

Cage Rental

30 mins – $30
1 Hour – $50
1.5 Hours – $75
$10 surcharge for 4 or more people upon arrival.

All cage rentals come with an Automatic Pitching Machine that throws baseballs or softballs (fast & slow pitch). Pitching speeds can vary from youth players to professional. Balls, bats, protective screens, helmets, gloves and a hitting tee are all included. *If don’t cancel within 48 hours, can only receive future credit back.

Pitching Mounds

Single Mound
30 mins – $25
1 Hour – $40

Full Bullpen
30 mins – $45
1 Hour – $75

Real dirt pitching mounds with portable home plates to adjust distance. Can rent out whole bullpen space for conditioning, dual bullpen action, fielding drills, etc.